Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 Cutie Awards Winners

2012 Cutie Awards Winners 130128

Here are the winners of the 2012 Cutie Awards with the supporting documentation (Note: Please excuse the lousy formatting. Blogger isn't cooperating.)::

CHOREOGRAPHY - Best choreography to a specific song

Diawa Bellic, Pump It
Diawa Bellic - DiHard "Pump It" Dance Sequence 402 - DB's Pump It

CHOREOGRAPHY - Best choreography to a specific tempo (speed)

Diawa Bellic, Hip Hop and Urban
"Diawa Bellic  she can do any tempo any speed any genre.  works include Marilyn Mansons Beautiful People, Katey Perrys Wide Awake,  Pussy Cat dolls Bottle pop,  We built this city by Starship, Run the world by Beyonce, Psy Gangnam style.  Madeon ""Finale"""

CHOREOGRAPHY - Best choreography in a video

Nottoo Wise, BUZZ ACT 2

CHOREOGRAPHY - Best choreography in a show

Shadows Silhouette Dancers, Shadow Tarber choreographer, Kaleidoscope

CHOREOGRAPHY - Best choreography with emoting

Pocketpusssy Bikergrrl, The Extra Letter

CHOREOGRAPHY - Best non-dance choreography (use of animated poses)

Slappy Doobie and Ellie Criss, Somebody That I Used to Know

SET DESIGN - Best set design for a Burlesque Show(one song)

SexyS Quintessa, Fantasy - Alto Nova
(photo at
you can take a look on my facebook page for photos take of me during my performance shows.
I take pride in my sets that I make for my acts.   I enjoy making them.  I enjoy showing them off.   

What makes it even better is when I get feedback from audience members stating that they 
enjoyed my show!  That is the best part!

SET DESIGN - Best set design for a Production Show (multiple songs)

Pocketpusssy Bikergrrl, Garden of Shadows

COSTUMES - Best costumes for a Production Show

Guerilla Burlesque, Time- The Guardian Spirit

COSTUMES - Best costumes in a Burlesque Show

SexyS Quintessa, bug setjordan reynes heavenly creatures

COSTUMES - Best costumes for a dance video

Gueriila Burlesque, Guerilla Burlesque @ Idle Rogue
DANCE ANIMATION - Couples dancing

CD_21_Gangnam Style, A&M
DANCE ANIMATION - Celebrity Dancing

Beyonce dances, MyAnimation

MC Hammer dances, MyAnimation

DANCE ANIMATION - Historical and Traditional


*01_Ballet A&M

Bellydance Series, Henmations


My-JAZZ LYRICAL series, My Animations

Nossa Dance Series, MyAnimation

DANCE ANIMATION - Performance Dancing

My-Jazz Lyrical Series, MyAnimation


Gangnam Style Dance, A&M

DANCE ANIMATION - Punk and Rave-Trance

*12_JumpStylin', A&M

DANCE ANIMATION - SL Unique (Air/Mermaid)

Daydream AO Fly_DD_2_AKEYO, AKEYO

DANCE EQUIPMENT - Best dance equipment (introduced or modified in 2012

Barre HUD 3.02, Racheal Young
Developed by Racheal Young

DANCE PUBLICITY - Best poster/graphic about SL dancing

Guerilla Burlesque promo, Chryblnd.Scribe
"Guerilla Burlesque
Guerilla Burlesque - High quality and frequently updated, always excited to see the new stuff.

DANCE PUBLICITY - Best Dance Video

TIE - 3-way

Song to the Siren, Slappy Doobie and Rysan Fall

Kaleidoscope, Shadows Silhouette Dancers
I Get What I want, Perky Baxton 
Guerilla Burlesque

DANCE ANIMATION - Best Dance Overall (Dance of the Year)
Nossa, MyAnimation
very versatile and seems there's several to fit any situation and they are fun to do.

DANCE PUBLICITY - Best magazine or newspaper article about SL dancing

Ballet Pixelle: A Work of Virtual Artistry, THE BEST OF SL Magazine Dec 2012

DANCE PUBLICITY - Best blog post about SL dancing
Nottoo Wise, Dance Queens Blog
Nottoo Wise - DANCE QUEENS - Reflections and Visions

DANCE PUBLICITY - Best Dance Photo
Dazzlers, Inc, Ballet to Burlesque


Acuo Theatre on Idle Rogue
builder ShippyCreations Resident (theatre above and dance club underground)

Blue Moon Cabaret
owner Naiki Muliaina

DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS - Best Dance Ball in a Dance Club in SL

Idle Rogue
HarperMotion by Arrehn Oberlander, available in two locations on the Idle Rogue sim
Check the Underground under the Guerilla Burlesque Theatre;)

DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS - Best Burlesque Theater in SL

Owned by Diva lilliehook

DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS - Best Show Theater in SL


DANCER - Best Ballet Dancer

Tinka Bondar
Tinka Bondar of Ballet Pixelle
Tinka Bondar  she dances for Ballet Pixelle but also has done a few acts with A&M doing Ballet as well.   Just simply stunning the way she interpets the music.

DANCER - Best Burlesque Dancer

Pocketpusssy Bikergrrl
Elysium Cabaret

DANCER - Best Couples Dancers

Psyche Lunasea and Yoichi Illois
11:27 in
dancing El Tango de Roxanne

DANCER - Best HipHop Dancer

Diawa Bellic
Sign O Times
Chucci Bigbear

DANCER - Best Historical/Traditional Dancer

Pet Karu
Unity Productions

DANCER - Best Latin Dancer

Nottoo Wise and Riddlebox Ribble
Dancequeens Couple Show_Nottoo wise and Riddlebox Ribble

DANCER - SL Dancer of the Year

Diawa Bellic
Diawa Bellic  shes good at what she does... DANce!!!  she can freestyle like no other.  She freestyled at a few of Deepsky travelers shows.  She has freestyled all of the audience participation section at A&M Maniacs shows.   She can also choreograph.  She performs throughout SL with various groups and venues.

DANCE GROUP - Best New Dance Group (Formed in 2012)

Shadows Silhouette Dancers
The Silhouettes- Creator - Shadow Tarber
"Silhouettes Dancers
Creator - Shadow Tarber
web page to 2012 dances

DANCE GROUP - Dance Group of the Year


Guerilla Burlesque
(facebook page
Shows Friday @ midnight SLT
Doors open at 11:45pm SLT

IMAGE Dancers
Setsuna Hirano
IMAGE Dancers

DANCE SHOW - Best Script

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tribute
by Stetson Rajal
The story is wonderful and a real tear jerker. The old bum character did a song and pasted the lyrics in local chat so we could sing along, and the whole theater was quiet and every word hit your heart.

DANCE SHOW - Best Musical Selection

The Guerilla Burlesque

DANCE SHOW - Best Sound Mixing

Shadow Silhouettes, Steamdolls

DANCE SHOW - Best Titles


Ballet Pixelle "Couleurs de la Danse"

Shadow Tarber - Shadows Silhouette Dancers - What the Elf
The Silhouettes-Bootiful Spooks!  Everyone kept dancing long after the show was over
"Boo-tiful Spooks!
The Silhouettes

DANCE SHOW - Best Director

chryblnd Scribe - Guerilla Burlesque
Guerilla Burlesque at Idle Rogue

DANCE SHOW - SL Show of the Year

Guerilla Burlesque Christmas Review
Guerilla Burlesque Weekly Revue (held every friday at midnight on Idle Rogue, the show presents original dance interpretation and performance art FRESH every week. These dancers work very hard to make sure their show is always cutting edge, exciting, and original
"Guerilla Burlesque on Idle Rogue Sim  Midnight on fridays nights.   And on occation have performed at a few other places in SL such as Key West, Sydney Fasion Week and for fundraisers for various organizations.
Guerilla Burlesque
Shows Friday @ midnight SLT
Doors open at 11:45pm SLT


  1. Congratulations to all the winners of this highly prestigious event!!!!!

    The people who organized and helped to make this event possible must be so proud to have nominated themselves and groups directly associated with them for so many awards. Nottoo, the creative genius behind this whole thing, managed to pick up two awards herself, the nomination committee got three awards between them and groups directly associated with the organizers scooped almost half of the other awards. Even the MC got one for his trouble.

    Unfortunately, this devalues the awards presented to the other "winners" and they are, effectively, worthless. I do realize that this whole thing was meant as a bit of "fun" but it was presented with a seriousness that is laughable and was nothing more than an exercise for the organizers in patting themselves on the back.

    I'm not denying the effort involved in perpetrating this fraud and kudos to you all for that, however, my sympathies must go to those who were led to believe that this was a genuine attempt to recognize the massive amount of talent in the "SL dance community" and to those who have such low self esteem that they felt the need to validate themselves in this manner.

    Hopefully those involved in this fiasco will have had their egos massaged enough for one Second Life and IF there is a repeat of this event next year that it will reflect the diversity and talent of those who truely deserve to be recognized by their peers and will be conducted in an impartial manner. It may actually have a semblance of credibility.

    1. why dont you hold another awards and conduct it in an impartial manner?? i dare you

  2. Well, a bit odd, these two posts but even anonymous people have a right to opinions.
    It's just that no matter how relevant or intelligent anonymous comments are, they always feel like a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,signifying
    nothing. Don't blame me for that, MacBeth said it.
    Maybe next time we could have Anonymous Awards and all anonymous winners.